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Notify the Texas Forest Service before carrying out any prescribed or controlled burns that are intended for forest management. Burn only outside the corporate limits of a city of town, unless the incorporated city or town has an ordinance that permits burning and is consistent with Subchapter E of the Texas Clean Air Act Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter Begin or continue burning only when the wind direction and other weather conditions are such that the smoke and other pollutants will not present a hazard to any pubic road, landing strip, or navigable water for example, a lake, river, stream, or bay or have an adverse effect on any off-site structure containing "sensitive receptors" for example, a residence, business, farm building, or greenhouse.

Post someone to flag traffic if at any time the burning causes or may tend to cause smoke to blow onto or across a road or highway. Keep fires downwind of or at least feet away from any neighboring structure that contains sensitive receptors. This requirement may be waived only with the prior written approval of whoever owns or rents the adjacent property and either resides or conducts business there.

Begin burning no earlier than one hour after sunrise, end it the same day and no later than one hour before sunset, and make sure that a responsible party is present while the burn is active and the fire is progressing. At the end of the burn, extinguish isolated residual fires or smoldering objects if the smoke they produce can be a nuisance or a traffic hazard.

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A controlled burn shall be extinguished one 1 hour before sunset and will not be started before sunrise. Means of extinguishment must be provided, i. A controlled burn shall not be started within feet 50 metres of any building, structure, fence, or other combustible material. Open air burning shall be restricted to the burning of brush only.

A minute later they were ten feet tall, slithering and clawing their way up trees and through the tangle of tinder dry branches and twigs that lay thick on the ground. This moment had been planned a year or more in advance.

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The trees had been felled, left through the wet season to dry in the dry season. I tried to take a few photos of him but the fire had become intense.

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My camera shielded my face from the heat briefly, but then the hairs on my fingers curled as my hands began to burn and I had to leap back. It is almost indescribable, the feeling of standing next to a large and rapidly growing forest fire. The power, the fear, the adrenaline; the unimaginable, face peeling heat that hits you like an invisible wall, that you have no option but to run from.

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Within ten minutes the whole area was a raging inferno. Dino ran over and ushered me away, into the forest and to safety. Most fires in the Amazonia region are set to clear land for agricultural purposes. I had been living with Dino and his family for ten days or so.

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I wanted to understand how they lived and worked in the rainforest. My hands were a mess of blisters and dried blood. I was seduced very quickly, brought under the spell of some of the warmest, most welcoming people I have ever met. Deforestation has escalated in resulting thousands of fires blazing across the southern Amazon basin.

Map: See how much of the Amazon is burning and how it compares to other years.

Cattle ranching in the Amazon is perhaps the main culprit of the fires we are seeing now. It is an industry of thousands of small-scale ranchers cutting forest, burning it and turning it to pasture. Fires rage throughout the Amazon every year as a result of this practice. Critically however, they are predominantly man-made fires; different from many of the large fires that ravage Siberia and Alaska which are often natural.

Inflammation in end-stage renal disease--a fire that burns within.

As so much forest has been cut, the climate in the region is starting to change, to dry out. This compounds an already destructive practice. On a larger scale the idea of deforesting a rainforest to create cattle pasture is just about the most stupid thing humans can do. Remove the trees and burn them and they not only stop producing oxygen, but they release their carbon back into the atmosphere. Put cattle on the land and you replace trees with animals that produce damaging levels of greenhouse gases.

Dino and his family were the most environmentally destructive people I have ever met. They are also some of the nicest.