Manual Making Preparation for the Coming Separation

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Getting retirement savings sorted after a relationship ends is an important step in planning for the future. If your partner had been taking care of this, you may need to set up your own savings plan. Note that if either partner contributed to KiwiSaver during the relationship, those savings could be counted as relationship property and will need to be divided along with the other assets.

If there are children involved you may need to work out child support arrangements. To find out about child support payments and how they work, see the Inland Revenue website.

It also unfortunately negatively impacts any wealth that has built up One of the best things about starting work is the freedom that comes with earning our own money! Sharing a flat is a big step towards being independent, but it also means we have to get used to Moving in together or getting A new arrival is Search Log in Sign Up Menu. MENU Tools. MENU Guides. Guides The basic building blocks of money, explained.

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MENU Blog. Five ways to wellbeing Does your school have it yet? Kids and money. Why do we give kids money again?

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Can't talk about money? Here's help. Love and money. Get to work. Money minded. Top 5 money questions to ask your partner Love and money. Five easy ways to talk money with kids Kids and money. Tips when you're having a money talk Love and money. About Who's behind Sorted?

Separating After 2 Kids and 7 Years of Marriage Was Nothing Like I Thought It Would Be | Babble

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First Name. Last Name. We're separating, what next? Your list might include: The children - this of course is the most important issue. Deciding how both of you will continue to provide support and time.

Basic Information About Divorce and Separation

You'll need to think about access arrangements, child care, telling the school, seeing in-laws, birthday and Christmas arrangements. You'll also need to talk to your partner about what to say to the children and how to manage their emotions.

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  • Separating After 2 Kids and 7 Years of Marriage Was Nothing Like I Thought It Would Be.

Property - you'll need to decide who will live where. Can one of you stay in the same house or will you sell up and both move?

Who will get what from the home and where will pets live? Finances - running two homes inevitably means surviving on less income. You'll need to agree financial support for the children, and who will pay which essential bills. How much will you say and who needs to know what? How will you maintain mutual friendships and handle relationships with in-laws? Personal survival - what practical steps do you need to make to ensure you cope during this difficult time? Which friends can support you practically, and which emotionally?